Employee Leasing


When you started your business, you probably did not imagine that you would be spending time dealing with the administrative troubles of employee recruitment. You have a business to run – that’s what you signed up for, not filing paperwork for every new employee that you hire. But these administrative and HR requirements are statutory and therefore unavoidable. Many business owners unfortunately find themselves spending way too much time grappling with these issues.

Employee leasing solutions provide the perfect way out for busy entrepreneurs by taking over all the hiring responsibilities. Let us do the hard work of finding the right employees for you, so you can focus on the core task of running your business rather than dealing with administrative nitty-gritty such as running background checks.

Employee leasing works by simply transferring employees from a company to the payroll of 9 Summits’ employee leasing services, and then releasing them back to the company on a temporary basis. This allows 9 Summits’ to become the legal employer, thus taking over all HR management tasks.


Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the luxury of in-house “departments” to handle payroll and hiring. That’s why most of these companies turn to employee leasing companies that offer a wide range of services. Staff augmentation or employee leasing allows companies to attract and retain talented employees, and to get access to enhanced services such as insurance benefits, complete risk management, and even employee training and development.


We offer cost-effective, full-service Human Resource Management for small and medium businesses that may not have the necessary infrastructure or bandwidth to perform tedious administrative tasks related to hiring. When you hire us, we will take over all the HR management tasks and work like your own HR department.

Our contract staffing services will also help you plan and meet your short-term and project-based staffing requirements in a jiffy. We go out of our way to find the best contract employees for you, so do not be surprised if you find yourself wanting to absorb them into your company rolls. And of course, you are free to do this if you like.

We act as a single point of contact for all HR related activities – right from the formalities of getting an employee on board and framing personnel policies, to drawing up insurance policies and employee handbooks. We have an extensive selection of temporary staff including qualified professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance experts. No matter who you’re looking for – an experienced professional or a temp to meet seasonal staffing requirements, you can trust us to find you the right person.

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