Security Program & Strategy Services

Security Program & Strategy Services

Boards of directors and executive management – as well as CIOs and IT staff – are on edge and on notice. There is a gap in their knowledge of the security posturer in their organizations. In sum end, they are unsure whether their IT infrastructure will support their growth objectives for the future and/or create financial and reputational exposures in the present.

Staying abreast of the threats and risks – not to mention making the right investments to keep up with them – is a tall order. This new environment requires tight collaboration between organizational leadership, led by CIOs and IT staff, to ensure systems and tactics are up-to-date and in compliance.

9 Summits’ experts provide clarity around, and creative approaches to, security strategy and policy design. Our services build an information processing environment to not only protect and secure, but also support day-to-day business and revenue growth initiatives. We help you create an infrastructure that manages the security and privacy of information aligned with the objectives of your Organization.

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