Cybersecurity for Federation of Saudi

Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Management System (LMS)

The Challenge

Developing a comprehensive curriculum covering all essential topics, from networking and security fundamentals to operating systems and programming languages.

Securing certified bilingual trainers to deliver courses in both English and the local language for maximum reach and inclusivity.

Establishing advanced cloud-based labs for hands-on learning experiences to solidify theoretical knowledge.

Implementing a data-driven system to track student progress and course effectiveness for continuous improvement.



Understanding the specific needs and challenges, we crafted a 12-month curriculum tailored to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge. The modular design and key areas covered like networking, security fundamentals, operating systems, programming languages, and emerging trends ensured future-proof learning.

Recognising the importance of accessibility, we assembled a team of certified bilingual trainers, fostering active participation and knowledge retention among students. Cultural sensitivity training further enhanced the learning environment.

To provide a safe and secure environment for practising real-world scenarios, we established robust cloud-based labs. These labs offered hands-on learning experiences in network configuration, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, and other critical skills, preparing students for real-world challenges.The scalable and accessible cloud infrastructure allowed for large-scale training without geographical limitations.

A custom LMS was developed to track student progress, course completion, and exam results. This data-driven approach facilitated detailed performance analysis, leading to valuable insights for curriculum optimisation and individual student support, maximising the program's impact on developing the nation's cybersecurity workforce.


Results and Impact:

Over 1,000 students were trained on various cybersecurity technologies, building a skilled workforce.

A comprehensive cybersecurity program was implemented, contributing to the nation's goals of upskilling its citizens and fostering a secure digital future.

Advanced cloud labs provided hands-on experience, enhancing learning and preparedness.

The custom LMS facilitated data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.



This partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in building a secure digital future. By providing customised solutions that address critical needs, we empowered the organisation to significantly improve the nation's cybersecurity landscape.