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9 Summits offers cutting-edge enterprise solutions across every industry , with its capability as a total solutions provider further enhanced with an unrivaled portfolio of products and services in Systems Integration, Consultation and Implementation, Business Recovery, and Operations Support.

9 Summits also provides comprehensive, tailored corporate services for a vast range of its products and solutions. 9 Summits’ entire corporate structure is designed to make the company as flexible and as adaptive as possible to the dynamic and developing requirements of its customers, market, and solutions. We have access to international best practices, worldwide practices, resources, and knowledge bases to provide any required solution.

We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE and with access to many professionals in different areas, we strive to provide the highest quality service and maintain customer trust while continuing to add real value to their businesses.


Blockchain Technologies

Each day, forward-thinking companies are transforming blockchain’s promise.

Staffing Solutions

9 Summits is an industry leader in providing IT staffing services & solutions geared toward supplying you with top shelf talent

IBM Cloud

We deliver one cloud architecture that gives clients the flexibility of a Multi cloud.

Our vision is to be the leading Professional Software Solutions and Services provider in the region through continuous and sustainable growth in our specialized domain areas.


With expertise in technology, one of the key areas where an IT consultant can deliver value is to create an IT strategic plan or roadmap for your organization.

Business Recovery

Modern business owners know the importance of keeping business data safe but many of them don’t know that small problems can wreak havoc as much as major disasters can.

Operations Support

Your business success is closely linked to a smooth support of your IT. Place availability, performance and security of your systems and applications in the hands of experts!

Enterprise Solutions

For business to remain competitive in a fast-paced global economy it needs the robust backing of technological advancement to ensure, the developed application is a quality product.

Our Featured Areas

We strive to provide the best professional software services, ensuring the best value to our stakeholders, employees, partners and customers to help them achieve great heights in their respective areas

IBM Systems and Software Solutions

9 Summits has a dedicated organization, designed to be flexible and adaptive to the changing and developing requirements of its customers, and have access to IBM’s worldwide practices, resources, and knowledge bases to implement major ICT solutions in the region.

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