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Information Technology
Information Technology

The Challenge

Resource Management for Compliance: Managing resources to effectively meet compliance requirements proved difficult, leading to inefficiencies and potential risks.

Service Level Expectations: Meeting customer service level expectations was hampered by inconsistent and slow IT service delivery.

Escalating Service Costs: Difficulty in controlling and optimising IT service costs further compounded the challenges.

Cyber Threat Management: Unknown cyber threats and a lack of a robust risk management mechanism exposed the organisation to potential vulnerabilities.

Integrated Processes: Fragmented IT service delivery processes caused delays, service disruptions,and increased costs.

Changing Business Requirements: Adapting IT services to evolving business needs was a constant struggle due to rigid and inflexible processes.



Integrated Implementation of ISO 27001:2022 and ISO 2000-1:2018: We established a robust framework for integrated processes, ensuring efficient resource allocation for compliance management and secure IT service delivery. This integration eliminated duplicate processes, saved time, and enhanced credibility.

GRC Tool Implementation: We implemented a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tool to automate compliance, risk, and governance management. This fostered increased awareness and collaboration across the organisation, leading to:

Automated Compliance: Automated workflows and notifications streamlined compliance tasks,improving accuracy and timeliness.

Enhanced Risk Management: Automated risk assessments identified and prioritised risks, enabling more focused and efficient risk mitigation strategies.

Improved Reporting: Management dashboards provided clear visibility into compliance and risk posture, ensuring ongoing assurance for leadership.



Reduced Costs: Integration of ISO standards and ISMS streamlined processes, optimised resource allocation, and minimised duplicate efforts, leading to significant cost savings.

Improved Risk Management: Automated risk assessments and prioritised key risk indicators (KRIs) enabled proactive risk mitigation and improved overall resilience.

Increased Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and resource optimization led to significant gains in operational efficiency.

Enhanced Credibility: Secure IT service delivery, achieved through robust compliance practices, bolstered the organisation's credibility and trust amongst clients and partners.

Smoother Service Delivery: Integrated processes and automated workflows facilitated faster response times, minimised service disruptions, and improved overall service quality.

Enhanced Business Agility: The ability to adapt IT services to changing business requirements was strengthened through flexible and adaptable processes.



Virtual Contact Tracking: Our innovation "virtual bumping" for real-time contact tracking, facilitated spontaneous reconnections or new conversations. Effortless Reconnection: Our design of a user-friendly interface made way for seamless reconnection with old friends and easy discovery of new connections.