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Financial Management Revolutionised:

Detailed Spending Insights: We engineered a one-tap breakdown of spending categories, offering instant insights into financial habits.

Seamless Account Tracking: We implemented direct integration for secure account balance tracking on smartwatches for easy monitoring.

Effortless Payments: With advanced technology to enable secure, single-tap payments, we eliminated the need for physical cards or other apps.

Fitness Tracking Redefined:

GPS Integration: We crafted a GPS feature to track, discover new routes, and achieve fitness goals without carrying a smartphone.

Productivity at Your Fingertips: We integrated call scheduling, reminders, and project access for seamless multitasking on the go.

Real-time Performance Metrics: We imbibed real-time performance metrics to provide instant feedback on workout intensity, estimated calorie burn, and distance covered.

Enhanced Social Interactions: Enhanced Social Interactions:

Virtual Contact Tracking: Our innovation "virtual bumping" for real-time contact tracking, facilitated spontaneous reconnections or new conversations.

Effortless Reconnection: Our design of a user-friendly interface made way for seamless reconnection with old friends and easy discovery of new connections.


Results and Impact:

Financial Empowerment: Users reported heightened financial control, reduced impulsive spending, and improved budgeting habits.

Fitness Drive: Increased exercise consistency and goal achievement through convenient features and real-time tracking.

Stronger Bonds: Improved personal connections through streamlined re-engagement with friends and the discovery of new social circles.



By embracing innovation and partnering up with 9Summits, the bank successfully transformed its B2B operations. We have not only revolutionised their internal efficiency but also set a new benchmark for B2B banking functionality and security. This case study serves as an inspiration for other banks looking to modernise their B2B operations and unlock the potential of digital solutions in corporate banking.